Baby’s First Easter

      It is not secret. I love holidays. And now that I have children of my own, they are even more fun. If you are a mom, I’m sure you understand. The wonder and excitement all comes flooding back as you see the day through your child’s eyes.  This year was extra special because it was our Christmas Baby’s First Easter. And it was the first Easter our 2 year old really got excited and understood what was going on.

      It was a non-stop weekend. Autum loved every minute of it! On Friday we dyed and painted Easter eggs. That was an experience in and of itself! She didn’t want to stop. First we dyed the eggs. Then she asked to paint them. Next she wanted to cover them in stickers. They barely resembled eggs when she was done with them.

      On Saturday we celebrated Easter at her Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jack’s house. She found all the eggs the other chidren had missed early in the day. And she loved icing and decorating cookies.

      And Sunday she enjoyed lots of family time and an Easter Egg hunt in our back yard. It was a challenge finding items to put in the eggs. She is still a little to young for most candies. We opted for stickers and goldfish, but wish we had gotten a little more creative. I’d love to know what you all put in your young child’s Easter Eggs. Please leave a comment below if you have some suggestions for next time.

      Her baby sister is the happiest and chubbiest little baby. We couldn’t resist putting bunny ears on her. She made the most adorable Easter bunny.


      Baby's First Easter
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