What Styles Look Best In Family Pictures

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      What Styles Look Best In Family Pictures

      When you are planning your outfits, you may be wondering what styles look best in family pictures. The answer to that is a long one. But, one of my favorite tips for families as they plan their wardrobe is don’t cut their picture in half. I know it sounds silly but read on and I’ll explain.

      You may notice that when dressing my families I tend to have moms and girls in dresses. Boys and dads usually wear  pants and a shirt. While you don’t have to follow this, it is a good idea to understand one reason behind these choices. When everyone wears pants or a skirt, each person is visually divided into a top half and a bottom half. When photographed as a family, this tends to create a strong visual line dividing your photo into a top and bottom. Dressing mom and daughters in a dress or your toddler in a romper helps to break up this horizontal line.

      Of course, when looking at what styles look best in family pictures, rules are always meant to be broken. Not everyone loves or feels comfortable in a dress. Try mixing it up with a high waisted skirt. Or a belted tunic that comes to mid-thigh, skinny jeans and boots. Now that you know what to look for, just step back and look at your outfits as a whole. Do you see a line dividing your outfits into a top half and bottom half? If so, you can try changing up one outfit at a time until you have it.

      Fashion tip: Watch for strong horizontal lines that are often created by everyone dark bottoms and light tops which will divide your photo in half. 

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