recipe for a big sister


      I sometimes feel like my daughter is like the shoemaker’s kid. I photograph children, but rarely set up and take photos of my own daughter. (Mostly because she sees my camera coming and takes off running the opposite direction). But this occasion warranted wrangling my little wiggle worm for a quick photo session! It was time for her to make her big sister announcement to the world. And show off her amazing recipe for a big sister.

      My husband and I have always loved cooking together. Trying a new recipe and spending time together in the kitchen was out go to date night. And now, I couldn’t be happier that our little girl loves to be in the kitchen with us too. Her little eyes follow everything that we are doing. She always wants to be held up so she can see the mixer turning or us cracking an egg open into a bowl. You should see her eyes light up when she gets to help stir the brownie batter or mix the pizza dough. It definitely makes for a messy kitchen, slower cooking and a dish I wouldn’t recommend sharing with company. But the joy it brings her and us is priceless.  I hope as she grows older, she still loves spending time cooking with her momma!

      recipe for a big sister announcement


      So, it only seemed fitting to do a cooking theme for our pregnancy announcement and  her big sister announcement. She loved getting to wear a new hat for the photo and getting to stir, stir, stir a bowl full of flour.  For once excited to have her picture taken. And, I also loved being able to incorporate some meaningful details into an already very special photo. The chalkboard frame was used to display the menu at our outdoor wedding. And now it holds the recipe for a big sister in our pregnancy announcement.  The rolling pin was always hanging on the wall of my grandmother’s kitchen and love seeing it in these images.

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      Amazing Blog. Really enjoyed reading.

      Thank you!

      Such a clever way to announce a new baby. The the picture.

      Thank you!