children sitting in window watching santa fly byChild Imagination Session

      Oh, how I do love my 3 year old child’s imagination. It is so vivid and if you dive in with her, the possibilities are endless. It is the converstations we have had and the time we have spent playing that drove me to add a new focus to my photography.

      Child Imagination Sessions are tbe bridge between reality and your child’s wildest dreams. From swimming in the ocean with a humpback whale to collecting stars from the night sky, these sessions are only limited by your child’s immagination.

      This year, my oldest daughter finally understands what is going on at the holidays. It’s the first year she didn’t cry when she saw Santa. Although the one year old sure did! And I am so excited to experience Christmas with her this year. She has talked non stop about Santa and how he is working at the North Pole. She wants to read all her Christmas books. And, much to my husband’s delight, she wants to cuddle and watch Christmas movies.

      So, I knew she would love this Child Imagination Session – Waiting on Santa. I asked her to look out the window and hold her little sister. That was the base picture that I used to create the final image. You can see it below.

      Then, I used various other images to create a composite image of them watching santa fly past. You can imagine my daughter’s excitement when she saw the final picture. And the shock when I told her he must have flown by when we were taking pictures and didn’t notice. Now, everytime she sees this santa picture, she excitedly exclaims “Santa flew by so fast I didn’t even see him! And Rudolph too!” That just melts my heart and made this Child Immagination Session so worth while!

      Child Imagination Session
      Child Imagination Session | Waiting On Santa
      Child Imagination Session behind the scene


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