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      Monday is usually the least loved day of the week. It can be hard to get back into the swing of things after a relaxing and lazy weekend. Especially during these cold winter months when cuddling on the couch and watching movies as the snow softly falls from the sky is a favorite activity. But I have found a cure for the Monday blues! Getting to spend time cuddling, playing with and photographing a cute and smiley baby girl. It is a perfect way to turn Monday into something to look forward to! I love being a child photographer in Akron, Ohio.

      Sweet little Lyla came in for her first photo session Monday. And what a treat it was! Lyla, her mom and dad just moved to Ohio from Washington last month. I could not have asked to meet a nicer family. They were full of love for their daughter.

      This smiley little five months old just starting to sit up on her own. You can just see in her face how happy and proud she is of herself. I adore this stage, when little ones are so excited to be sitting on their own, but still wobble all over and topple over unexpectedly. It amazes me how much these little babies grow and change from week to week and month to month. Time really does seem to fly when you are watching them grow.

      Mom and dad,  hope you all have settled in and are enjoying your new home in Ohio and your darling daughter. And to everyone, I hope these pictures brighten your day as much as they did mine!

      Happy Monday!

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      Oh my goodness, she is too cute!

      I agree!