senior portrait creatively framed through fall leavesCuyahoga Falls High School Senior Pictures

      If you’ve ever tried to plan your portrait session around the peek of fall foliage in Northeast Ohio, you know what a gamble that can be. Sometimes the leaves turn early. Some years they stay green for ever. And sometimes a storm blows through and wipes all the leaves off the trees overnight! But sometimes, you get the timing just right! And that’s exactly what happened for Cuyahoga Falls High School Senior, Olivia’s Pictures!

      When she scheduled her senior portrait session way back in July, we talked about what date may work for fall color and took our best guess. And picked Monday, October 21st. Fast forward to her senior session, and it just so happened to be the peek of fall foliage. And we took full advantage!


      Cuyahoga Falls High School Senior Pictures


      senior portrait with fall leaves

      creative and artistic senior picture

      Cuyahoga Falls High School Senior Pictures