Everett Covered Bridge


      The Everett Covered Bridge is one of my favorite photography locations in Northeast, Ohio. Especially for family sessions! Located at 2370 Everett Road in Peninsula, it is the only remaining covered bridge in Summit county. And it is part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park systems.

      Capturing a family portrait with the historic bridge in the background is why most families request the Everett Covered Bridge for their session. But this location offers so much more!


      At the entrance of the park, there is a huge open grassy field. Wildflowers are often blooming along the edge of the woods. And the sun sets beautifully behind the trees creating gorgeous warm back light. I often start or end a session here. There is plenty of room to have mom and dad play with their children. It’s the perfect place to let children warm up to being photographed. Or take a break when needed.  All while still capturing gorgeous candid family photos.


      Of course, you won’t want to skip pictures with the Everett Covered Bridge while there. I love posing families so that we capture the bridge in the background. Or photographing them inside the bridge with the beautiful white wood walls and beams as a backdrop.


      There is a little trail beside the covered bridge that leads to the river below. It is narrow, rocky and steep. So be sure to ask mom to bring a pair of flats if you plan to hike down to the river. I always think it is worth the effort! It is a perfect place for candid pictures of little ones splashing through the water. Or to photograph the family holding hands and strolling along the river’s edge.

      Of course if you look around, you will find many other amazing places to photograph a family. There are just too many to mention. Click on the images below to see family or senior sessions to get a better idea of all this location has to offer. And be sure to visit the Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s website for more information and history of the bridge.


      Okay, technically Szallay’s Farm isn’t part of the Everett Covered Bridge location. But it is literally a 30 second drive around the corner. And if you are from Akron, Ohio, you know it is completely worth mentioning! And a major perk to choosing this location for your next family session. If you have young children and need a little incentive for being good listeners during your family pictures, a trip to Szallay’s is perfect! Swing by on your way home to grab and ice cream cone. Or an ear of sweet grilled corn. During the fall, picking out a pumpkin or a quick run through the child friendly corn maze are always welcomed treats.


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