Fairytale Senior Pictures

      Fairytale Senior Pictures

      Meet Olivia, the stunner in these fairytale inspired senior pictures! Not only is she beautiful and sweet, but she has a love of all things creative. And I love that about her! You may have recognized her from this amazing fall senior session. But she also wanted a winter senior session because it would be unique and different. Of course I assumed that she would do the whole cozy sweater, jeans, cute boots all pulled together with an adorable scarf type of outfits. But when we talked at her presession consultation, she had a completely different vision. She wanted to wear her fairytale inspired prom gowns for more dramatic styled senior pictures. And of course, I was thrilled with the idea!

      A girl in a ball gown walks the snow covered forest at night

      a cinderella inspired senior picture

      I love that Olivia is willing to hike up and down a ravine side in ballet flats and a gown to find the perfect spot. Or that she is willing to lay down on a moss and snow covered tree to create an amazing portrait! And I know she doesn’t look the least bit chilled, but that day was cold! She shivered in between shots. Put gloves on her toes to warm them up. And then rocked the next set of pictures like it was no big deal. Did I mention yet that she is amazing?!?

      snow covered winter senior session

      winter senior pictures


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