What to Wear for summer family photos
      What to Wear for Summer Family Photos

      What to Wear for Summer Family Photos

      Summer always seems to be one of the most popular times of the year for family photos. If you have a session coming up, you may be wondering What to Wear for Summer Family Photos. Don’t worry! We have you covered! Coral and navy blue happen to be one of my favorite color combinations right now.

      Remember, you goal is to look coordinated. Not to match. So, how exactly do you pull that off? Start by selecting a few colors that you want your family to wear. Then look for outfits that use these colors in various patterns and solids. Keep in mind, you don’t want everyone wearing solids or everyone in prints and patterns. Mix it up to look coordinated and to add visual interest to your portraits.

      Fashion tip: Think about the natural pairings in your family when choosing outfits. Do you plan to have a picture of just your children together? How do their outfits look together if mom and dad’s outfits are not included? 

      Would you like more wardrobe ideas and inspirations?

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      […] your look together and help each member of the family coordinate with others. For example, in this navy and coral family outfit,  mom wore a navy belt and navy statement necklace to coordinate with her husband’s navy […]