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      Mustard Navy and Burgundy Fall Family Outfits

      I am so excited to share this family session because I love everything about it! First, they are the sweetest family ever! Second, the emotion! Just look at the smiles and giggles when mom and dad are loving on their littles. Third, mom absolutely nailed coordinating their family outfits! And the funny part is that she told me she was horrible at picking outfits! Of course, I’m always ready to help my families figure out what will look best to wear or what colors work well together. But when mom texted me pictures of what she was thinking, it was perfect!  I just love her color combination choice of mustard,  navy and burgundy for fall family outfits!
      mustard navy and burgundy fall family outfits

      mustard navy and burgundy fall family outfits

      mustard navy and burgundy fall family outfits

      So let’s take a look at exactly what makes this family’s fall outfit work so well! If you’ve read some of my other ‘what to wear‘ posts, you’ll notice that I suggest layering, using textures for visual interest, adding accessories to tie outfits together and coordinating rather than matching. The E family did all of that!

      First, the color combination they chose – mustard, navy and burgundy is perfect for fall family pictures. The jewel toned outfits look amazing against the yellow fall foliage. Mom dressed her oldest daughter in a patterned top and then used it to pull outfit colors for the rest of the family. When working with vibrant or rich colors, sometimes they can become over powering. To help keep them in balance, I usually suggest pairing bold colors with neutrals such as tan, cream, navy or brown. And that’s exactly what mom did. Dad’s tan pants, mom’s navy dress, and the littlest’s cream top all help keep the bold mustards and burgundy in balance. Even the girls’ jean skirts act as a neutral in this family outfit.

      Second, mom used layers and textures to add visual interest. She worried that dressing her youngest daughter in a ‘plain cream’ top would be too plain. But since it was a soft lace, the texture added visual interest instead of a pattern or color. And it worked beautifully! Then mom layered her dress with a mustard colored cardigan to add a pop of color and interest to her outfit.

      Lastly, the accessories were the finishing touch of this family’s outfit. I often recommend using necklaces, belts or headbands to help pull outfits together. Mom’s necklace did this perfectly! It was made up of little mustard, navy and burgundy jewels! The girls hair barrettes also pulled those jewel toned colors in. And mom’s belt was the perfect finishing touch with dainty metal designs that were almost mustard in color.

      candid mother daughter portrait outside in the fall