What to wear in family picturesWhat to Wear in Family Pictures

      What to Wear in Family Pictures? This is proabably the most common question I am asked as a photographer. If you are struggling with what to have your family wear, you are not alone. I love helping families find their style and pull together outfits that they feel amazing in. One of my favorite color combinations right now is navy and aqua. These colors just feel like summer. Keep these outfits dressed up for a session on your city’s streets. Or take a more casual spin on it for pictures in the park or on the beach. Simply kick off your shoes and omit the little boys sweater vest.

      Fashion tip: Using a pattern in your outfits can add visual interest. Choosing larger stripes, such as in the little girl’s dress below, tends to look better in pictures than thin pin stripes. 

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      […] and jewelry can have the same impact. A statement necklace (like the auqua one in the outfit below) can add a ton of visual interest, a pop of color and can help tie a mom’s solid dress into […]