Pink Color scheme for family photos
      Pink and cream outfit color scheme

      Outfits for Beach Family Pictures

      Are your heading to the beach this summer? Or updating your family photos on the shores of Lake Erie?  You may be wondering what to wear for beach photos. We are having our family pictures taken on the beach this summer. As you can imagine, I have been scouring the internet for ideas and inspirations for my family outfits. I’ll keep you updated on what we decide to wear. But in the meantime, I thought I’d share this outfit for beach family pictures.

      Soft pastels and neutral colors are a perfect color choice. Think beige, cream, tan, pale blue or pink. These subtle color choices mirror the muted tones of the sand and water. Your final portrait will feel serene, peaceful and harmonious.

      The clothing styles you choose to wear for beach photos is just as important as the colors. Light weight fabrics for dresses and skirts will not only help give a light and airy look to your portraits, but will also blow in the wind adding movement and interest to your final image.

      Fashion Tip: When choosing outfits for a summery photo, take your inspiration from the location itself. Choose muted soft tones of the beach to create a peaceful and harmonious final portrait. 

      Would you like more wardrobe ideas and inspirations?Click here for my free guide on What to Wear for Your Next Family Photo Session.

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