the big one cake smash


      Hunter, it’s so hard to believe your first birthday is just around the corner! It seem like just yesterday you were in our studio for your newborn session. And here you are! Almost a year later for your ‘The Big One’ themed cake smash. And I have to admit, it may be my favorite cake smash so far!

      the big one themed smash cake

      Vintage lanterns. Brightly colored little fish. A perfectly decorated cake made by your grandma. A boat that was just your size. And the most adorable ‘The Big One’ banner. And a perfect pair of bloomers and suspenders. All the details came together perfectly for your cake smash.

      The big one themed one year pictures

      We wanted to take a few pictures in your adorable ‘the big one’ t-shirt before the cake smash. But at the start of the session you weren’t feeling too comfortable our of mommy’s arms. It took a few minutes for you to warm up to the idea. But once we got you in the boat, that sweet smile came out! You loved having a little boat that was just your size!

      The big one cake smash

      One of my favorite parts of a cake smash is seeing how each child reacts to their cake. Some love to dive head first in while other take a more cautious approach. At first you weren’t sure what to do with your smash cake. You held a little blob of icing in your hand and carefully examined it. We took the sign off the cake so you had room to dive in. And when you did, both hands were covered in blue icing. Which you were clearly not happy about! Mommy helped you wipe the icing off your hands. But I had to chuckle. As she wiped your hands clean, I noticed you wiggling those sweet baby toes in the icing and squishing the cake between them!

      the big one cake smash

      baby smashing birthday cake with feet

      the big one cake smash

      You sure knew how to end a cake smash! When you were done and decided to crawl off to the next thing, your ‘the big one’ bloomers were such a fun surprise! Hunter, I’m still amazed at how much you have grown in a year. And I can’t wait to see how much you continue to grow and change. I hope your first birthday is filled with love, family and friends. And that this next year is even better than the first!

      Fishing and camping themed cake smash


      Where did you find the grey boat for the first birthday fishing pictures?

      Hi Sarah! The boat prop was actually a large wooden boat shelf (to hang on a wall) from a local craft/decor store. Hope that helps!