Blowing heart shaped bubbles for a creative Valentine Mini session

      Toddler Valentine Pictures

      Each year I do a set of Valentine Pictures with my girls. You can see our past Valentine mini sessions here and here. So this year I was trying to come up with something unique and creative. Something I hadn’t seen done a thousand times over. But I knew working with a toddler and a preschooler means I had to come up with Valentine Pictures that would keep them engaged so that I could capture genuine smiles and emotion. The perfect solution was bubbles (with a side of photoshop magic of course)! Bubbles always make my little Valentines smile and giggle. And they love trying to blow them all by themselves.  The best part was when my daughter saw the edited pictures. She was so excited that she really blew heart shaped bubbles! Ah the sweet innocence of a toddler!

      Toddler girl blowing heart shaped bubble for Valentine photo session

      toddler Valentine Pictures

      toddler Valentine Pictures
      Her Valentine this year was Kiki the kitten.

      toddler girl blowing heart shaped bubble for Valentine pictures