toddler dressed in vintage inspired romper and bunny ears with basket of Easter eggs

      Vintage Inspired Toddler Easter Pictures

      You may have noticed that each year’s Easter pictures of my girls have an ‘Easter bunny’ twist to them. This year, I wanted to keep with our little tradition. But I wanted something a little more grown up. Portraits that are classic, have a simple elegance and felt timeless, but still said Easter. And that’s how our vintage inspired toddler Easter pictures came about.

      To give their Easter pictures a vintage feel, I made them each a romper and bunny eared bonnet out of soft delicate lace.

      I also know that getting both of my girls to sit long enough to take pictures can be a stressful situation! Addie who is one, love to crawl off the set. And Autumn, who is 3, tends to scowl at the camera and ask if we are done yet. If you thought it was any different for a mom who is a professional photographer, I can assure you it is not.

      Studio Easter pictures of sister dressed in lace rompers and bunny ear bonnets

      But as a family photographer, former elementary teacher, and mom of these crazy bunnies, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to get children to cooperate for pictures. If you want to learn more about my favorite tips be sure to check out this blog post.

      The Set Up of Our Vintage Inspired Easter Portraits

      My favorite trick is to give them something fun to do during the session. Right now Autumn is obsessed with eggs. Easter eggs. Plastic eggs, musical shaker eggs. Real eggs (there have been quite a few messy kitchen days). And Addie is all about doing and playing with anything big sister is. So, I decided to fill a vintage wire basket full of realistic looking plastic eggs. I knew this would keep them seated next to the basket and happily playing. At least for a few minutes.

      Studio Easter pictures of toddler sisters dressed in lace rompers and bunny ear bonnets

      And it worked like a charm! Our vintage inspired toddler Easter pictures were a success! It only took a few minutes to capture plenty of adorable pictures and have exactly what I needed. But they were still having so much fun! A win win for everyone! So, I gave them one last fun thing to do. Both girls love to paint. Autumn paints almost everyday. And Addie tries to do it just like big sister, but she usually ends up with most of the paint on her face.  I gave them a little paint and asked them to decorate a few eggs. And they were thrilled to do so!

      toddler girls wearing vintage inspired lace rompers and bunny ear bonnets painting a basket of Easter Eggs

      baby girls wearing vintage inspired lace romper and bunny ear bonnet painting an Easter egg


      these photos are adorable! Would you mind sharing where the backdrop is from? I am looking for one just like it.

      Hi Alisa,

      Thank you so much!
      And of course, alway happy to help! The background is a seamless paper from Savage. The color is thunder gray. I added a link to it below.