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      Pink and cream outfit color scheme

      What to Wear for Beach Family Photos

      Summer is quickly approaching! Yay! We made it! Raise your hand if you are counting down the days till you pack up and head to the beach for a much needed break. My hand is in the air with you. Which is what prompted this little blog post about What to Wear for Beach Family Photos.

      When heading to the beach for your photos, it’s important to remember that while it may be calm offshore, there is sure to be a gentle (or less than gentle) sea breeze on the beach. Let’s take advantage of this! No fancy wind machines needed! Choose fabrics that are light and airy. They will not only match the light and airy tones and feel of the beach, but will also move and flow in the breeze. Slightly wind swept hair and dresses flowing in the wind will add movement to your final portrait and make it seems to come to life.

      Fashion tip: When selecting outfits for a beach photo session, embrace the salty beach breezes. Choose fabrics that are soft and will move freely. 

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