What to Wear for Family Pictures

      Looking for a summery and colorful look for your next family photos? This is one of my favorite family picture outfit ideas! I love red. But it can be a tricky color to work with in outfits. It is an attention grabbing color. Your eye is immediately drawn to it in a picture. Pairing splashes of red with cool serene blue helps to create balance and harmony in the colors.

      Fashion tip: When selecting outfits for your family photos, start with the end in mind. How do you plan to display your portraits?  For walls that are painted a neutral tone, you may choose to add a splash of color through your outfits. Take a peak at the photo at the bottom of this post for a great example of this. Their outfits not only add color to the walls, but also tie in with their accent pillows. 

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      What to Wear for Family Pictures
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      Like to Family Outfit Inspiration

      family picture outfit ideas
      What to Wear for Family Pictures | family picture outfits | what to wear in family photos | family picture wardrobe


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      Love these colors! Red is my favorite color but I have a hard time using it in family outfits without looking too bold. Thanks for the idea!


      Samantha, I know how you feel! Red is my favorite color too, but it can look over powering sometimes. The key is to use it in patterns, details and accessories. I’m glad you found the post helpful!