what to wear for spring family photosWHAT TO WEAR FOR SPRING FAMILY PHOTOS

      Spring is always such a welcome site here in Northeast Ohio! There is nothing better than seeing the lush green leaves and colorful blooms after a long gray winter. And I love finally getting to step out of my studio and start photographing families outdoors again! If you have a session this spring and are wondering what to wear for your family photos, I have you covered


      When deciding what colors to wear for your spring family photos, the possibilities are endless! While some color combinations are classic and timeless. Others may be more of a current trend. If you love a bold and trendy look, check out this season’s hottest colors to see if there is a look you love. It just may spur an idea you wouldn’t have considered. My favorite place to keep up to date on the season’s latest color trends is Pantone. Each season the team at Pantone develops a color trend report that influences the fashion and design worlds. And the best part is, these reports come out a season ahead of time. So you can be one step ahead on the latest color trends.

      Here are the trending colors for Spring 2019:

      If you love a classic look, I think you will love this color scheme. It pairs traditional pastels with a soft navy and muted mustard.

      For a more earthy look, try this color palette.

      And, if you prefer a little more color in your life, the bold and vibrant jewel tones in this color scheme are for you!


      family photo outfit idea in navy and mustard
      navy and yellow outfit color scheme
      Outfit idea for spring family photos
      Pink and Tan outfit color scheme

      One of the best parts of spring is the sudden burst of color.  After a long winter of dark and dreary, the hillsides of spring time blooms are always so welcomed. If you plan to have your family photographed where there is a lot of color, try wearing a neutral color scheme with just a splash of color. This helps keep your outfits and background from competing with each other. And keeps your final portraits from being too busy.

      The two spring family picture outfits above appear to be completely different. But they are actually both neutral outfits with a splash of color. The first outfit is a bolder because it uses darker neutrals- navy and gray. And a bold yellow as a pop of color. While the second outfit is much softer because all the colors are light pastels. Light brown, taupe and cream are the neutrals. And pale pink is the pop of color. Both of these spring family photo outfits would look beautiful with a background full of colorful flowers, but will each give a very different look to the overall final portraits. Which do you prefer? Bold and sophisticated? Or soft and romantic?


      Adding texture and layers to your family’s outfits is one of my favorite recommendation, no matter what season you are being photographed. It helps add visual interest, movement and dimension to your final portrait. But, spring is the perfect time for layers! While dressing in layers during the scorching summer months in Northeast Ohio looks amazing. It is certainly not comfortable! And yes, fall and layers do go hand in hand. But the trick to wearing layers in pictures is to keep them light weight and tailored. Which is not as easy with fall’s cable knit sweaters being the star. When layering, I love to see lacy cardigans, light weight sweaters and tailored blazers which are all perfect in the spring.


      While this tip isn’t exactly wardrobe related, it can be a helpful tip to keep in mind. As a mom myself, I know planning a family photo session is no small task! It’s so easy to get busy planning outfits and getting everyone and everything ready and to completely forget about ourselves. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment for a hair cut and color the week before your family pictures. Or, even better, scheduling a hair and makeup artist the day of your session so getting yourself ready isn’t one more thing on your to do list. You will look and feel amazing and can focus your energy on getting your crew dressed and out the door.

      …TO SHOES

      I hope I’m not the only one that’ s done this! Do you ever plan your child’s outfits out. Down to the perfectly matched bow. And then, when it’s time to get dressed realize you didn’t even think about the shoes? I do it all the time! But this little detail can make a big difference in pictures. A scuffed and worn pair of sneakers, while not terribly noticeable in day to day life, will be a glaring focal point in a family portrait.

      Be sure plan each outfit down to the shoes. And, try on the pair of shoes your little will be wearing the week before to make sure they still fit. There’s nothing like a growth spurt and finding out those adorable shoes are a little snug and will lead to tears the entire time they are on. Or to make sure they weren’t slipped on for a little dress up play and accidentally colored with a magic marker. Can you tell I have a three year old??

      This little girl had adorable cowboy boots planned for her outfit. But they were pinching her feet. The only way to get the tears to stop was to let her go barefoot. Waist up images were our friend that session!


      Before deciding what to wear for your spring family photos, you may want to consider the location. This can help you decide what style of outfits will look best. And what colors would coordinate well. But location is more than just where your session will take place. It is also important to consider where you plan to hang your final portraits. Are you planning to hang a large family portrait over your fireplace? Or do you have an empty wall in your foyer that needs a grouping of family pictures?


      First, start by thinking about what style your home and decor are? Is it formal? Beachy? Casual? Country? You may want to consider outfits that have a similar style. While a formal studio portrait may look perfect in a formal and classic home, it would feel out of place in a beach cottage.

      Once you have an idea of the style of outfits, look at the colors you use to decorate. Are they vibrant and bold? Or soft and muted? Do you love neutrals? Warm rich colors? Or do you prefer cool and serene colors? Use this to help guide your outfit color choices to make sure they will look at home in your home.


      Next, use the style and decor of your home to help guide your session location. Some locations tend to be universal. They look amazing in all styles of homes. For example a family sitting in a field of wild flowers would look perfect printed on a wood print and hung in a beach cottage. It would also be a great choice when framed in an ornate gold frame and hung in a formal dining room. Other locations tend to be more specific. A family picture next to a picket fence with a rustic barn in the background would look stunning in a country home. But not so much in a formal foyer.

      Planning a session for the summer or fall instead? Be sure to check out our what to wear articles specific to those seasons.

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      Do you have brand and/or store for a specific outfit? I found a dress on here that would be PERFECT colors for my daughter for wedding she is attending and I can’t find it anywhere. The dress is a charcoal/teal/ yellow floral as part of your spring family picture. I am almost certain the yellow shoes shown with it are Joyfolie, but I don’t know where to find the dress. Any help is appreciated!!!


      Hi Sarah, I’m sorry for the delayed response. I am just now seeing this. I believe that dress was by Erdem, but it was a few years back so it may be difficult to find. I would try some of the sites like poshmark where it may currently turn up for resale. I hope that helps!