Summer Wild Flower Photo Session at Springfield Bog

      Summer Wild Flower Photo Session at Springfield Bog

      My favorite three year old and a cute Mia Joy romper made this summer wild flower photo session at Springfield Bog absolutely perfect! Especially since this is my oldest daughter and she finally enjoys having mommy take her picture! She spent the first few years of life running anytime she saw a camera. As a photographer, you can imagine my horror! You may have read my post where I confessed that we used to bribe her with treats just to get a picture! But now she is obsessed with seeing pictures of her and her family. Which means she is eager to let me take them anytime! Happy dance!

      toddler girl smiling in wild flower field

      toddler girl smelling flower

      little girl by rustic fence in wild flower field

      As a family photographer, Springfield Bog in Akron Ohio is one of my favorite photo session locations. Especially when the wild flower are in full bloom! But, it is also a perfect place for an evening hike. Paths are cut though the wild flower fields. And it is almost magical to walk through them surrounded by towering wild flowers on either side.  There are bogs and ponds along the way. And cute little benches beckoning you to sit and relax for a while. Or simply soak in the beauty! Either way, Springfield Bog should be on the short list of places to visit in Northeast Ohio this summer!

      Summer Wild Flower Photo Session at Springfield Bog



      Love these pictures!

      Thank you! It was such a magical place!