coordinated family outfits for summer


      Coordinated Outfit for Summer Family Pictures

      The key to this coordinated outfit for summer family pictures is to not match. There was a time where the trend in portraits was for everyone to match. You’ve all seen them. Everyone in jeans and a white button down. Or, as my family once did, everyone in khaki pants and either a navy or red sweatshirt. Ugh! Don’t get me wrong, those portraits are very special to me. There were the last family pictures we have of us all together with my grandparents.

      But now, the trend is to coordinate rather than matching. Yay! Not only does it look so much better. But Each person will be able to find an outfit and style that suits them. And when you feel good in what you are wearing, it sure does show! This also helps to create a more timeless look, rather than a trend that will look dated down the road.

      But, how do you still look pulled together and coordinated? I’ve included my favorite tips in our Ultimate Guide for What to Wear in Family Picture I’ve included tips on how to coordinate without looking too matchy-matchy, how to use layers to add depth to your picture and how to use accessories to pull your outfits together to look cohesive.

      Fashion tip: Don’t try to match. Instead, focus on coordinating outfits for your family.  

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