capturing the moments


      As a parent myself, I know how quickly our children grow and change. I  often wish I could freeze time. So I could enjoy those sweet baby rolls a little longer. To soak in seeing my toddler’s chubby little fingers as she holds my hand a few more times. Or to just enjoy my oldest at this moment in time. Because each stage is so special and unique.

      I’m sure you feel the same way! And that is why you are here!

      While you are here, take a look around! Soak in the family photography in our slide show below. Dive into tips for dressing your family for your next photo session on our blog. Or grab a glimpse of what a session with Kristen Fotta Photography is like by reading on.

      mom dad holding baby girl up
      baby boy wearing suspenders and fedor
      girl holding basket ducks lavendar field
      mom hugging twin daughters
      family picture sitting in covered bridge

      My favorite parts of being a Family Photographer in Akron Ohio is  helping busy moms and dads who find they are always behind the camera get into the pictures. So they can love on there spouse, hug and play with their children and create tangible memories of this moment in time.


      AS A FAMILY. 

      If you are ready to step out from behind the camera, let’s chat!

      daughter kissing dad


      Your portrait experience begins with a presession phone call. Especially if this is our first session together. I want to take a little time to get to know you and your family so I can create a family portrait session that is everything you’ve dreamt of.

      Of course, I love to learn a bit about each of your personalities. And what you love to do together as a family. This helps me recommend the perfect location and style for your family session. As well as help you with coordinating your family outfits.

      But, one of my favorite questions to ask is:

       What you hope to remember about your family when you look back 10 years from now?

      So many times we don’t stop and think about what makes this season in life so special. Do you want to capture your daughters chubby rolls or toothless smile? Or are you always behind the camera and want to have portraits where you are loving on your littles and can see the way they smile at you? And, if this question has you thinking about your family and getting a little misty eyed, that’s okay! I am right there with you!



      If updating family portraits has crossed your mind, then ‘What will we Wear’ was most likely your next thought. What to wear for family pictures is the most common question I am asked as a family photographer. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of styling countless families. And, I’m sharing my favorite tips to help you look picture perfect. Just click the link below to download your free guide.


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      your free guide


      This is the fun part! Really! During your session, expect to have fun!  My goal is to capture each family member’s unique personality through candid photography as well as the perfectly posed portrait. Younger children often need some time to warm up to that ‘new person with the camera’ or breaks to play and be kids during the session. We may play a game, tell jokes, or ask mom and dad to join in a tickle fight. These breaks often turn into some of the most treasured photos.

      Family sessions are typically  60-90 minutes. But I will devote the time that is needed to ensure we capture beautiful images of your family.


      Now that we have captured beautiful memories for your family, I want to make sure that you enjoy them! Another favorite questions to ask my families is how they would most enjoy their new family portraits.  As wall art that will make you pause for a moment and smile every time you walk in the house? Or in album that you can flip through with your children as you tell them stories about what they were like when they were little? Or maybe you hadn’t thought about that yet. That’s okay! That’s why all sessions end with a personal design appointment.

      We will kick back and relax with your favorite beverage and a few snacks while you view your beautiful hand edited portraits in a slide show set to music. I know many families wonder how they will ever choose which image(s) they will hang in their home. And I want to ensure you love your decision. That is why we use the latest software to help you visualize how framed prints and canvas gallery wraps will look in YOUR OWN HOME.


      Before your design appointment, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to send me a quick cell phone image of any walls you may want to hang portraits on. Then, at your appointment, we can digitally add your portraits to those walls! We can adjust the sizes until you find the perfect fit. Try different images to find one that perfectly compliments your decor. We can add different frames to see how it may look. Families love this feature!  The guesswork  is taken out of what to order and your order is completed that day!

      After our design appointment, you can sit back and relax! I will make any final adjustments to your images, place your orders and ensure everything is absolutely perfect when it arrives. Most orders take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

      Want a peak at a few of our client’s favorite products? Click here. 



      Kristen Fotta Photography offers a custom family photography experience. From planning out all the details of your session to creating custom works of art for your home, we are here to handle all the details so you don’t have to.

      I know how busy life is. Especially with little ones! Whether you are chasing your toddler around all day, or shuttling teenagers around town, we know that finding time to squeeze in a portrait session can seem a little overwhelming.  I am here to make your session easy and enjoyable so you can just enjoy the experience, your beautiful portraits and time with your family.

      Our creative fee of $250 includes a design consultation, our session together, artistic retouching of your images and a design consultation two weeks after your session. Creative fee does not include digital images or art products.

      During your design consultation, you decide what artwork and keepsakes best fit your family. I offer a variety of carefully curated heirloom quality products including custom framed portraits, signature albums, keepsake boxes, wall galleries, holiday cards and announcement. Take a peek at some of our most popular keepsakes here.

      There is no minimum purchase or obligation. You choose only what you love!

      We also realize the importance of being able to share and treasure photographs with family and friends. So we offer complimentary web sized digital images of each image purchased. These are perfect for sharing on social media.

      Gift prints start at $50 and custom wall art begins at $395. Clients typically invest between $600 and $2000 on a selection of prints, wall art and albums.

      If you’d like more information or to talk over what you had in mind for a family session, I’d love to talk with you!