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      Milestone Sessions | Baby Photography

      Many families choose to have their baby photographed several times during their first year. And it makes perfect sense. After all, this is the time where babies grow and change so quickly. And with all the midnight feedings and feeling like you are in a drowsy haze in those early days, it can be easy to forget the details of how tiny their toes were or those chubby dimpled knees. Photographs help us to remember what we hope to never forget. 

      Often called milestone sessions, family photographers often recommend scheduling these sessions as a newborn (7-14 days old), at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and then one year.

      Because every child is different and will reach milestones in their own time, I like to look at these photography sessions based on your baby. The goal is to capture what is new and different for your child, rather than a specific age. So let’s look at each milestone session,  what is important and new about that milestone and how to know when to schedule your session. 

      3 months

      3 month old baby girl

      close up of baby rolls
      This session is all about your baby’s smile! As a parent, I think this was one of my favorite parts of those first few months. The way my daughter lit up into a gummy toothless grin anytime she saw me just melted my heart. The focus of this session is to capture that smile and your baby’s expressions. Rather than booking this session right at 3 months, plan to schedule this session when your child frequently smiles and laughs when they see you. 

      6 months

      6 month old baby girl looking at stuffed giraffe

      This session is all about the new skill of sitting up. This is such a big milestone in a child’s life! Once they can sit up on their own, they can look around and see so many new things. They can play with toys that they couldn’t laying down. And this usually brings on a big grin and a ‘look at me’ proud face. The six month milestone session is all about capturing your baby’s new skill of sitting.

      This is also a time where parent really start to see big changes in their baby’s looks. They may have enough hair now to pull into a little sprout or clip back. Often a tooth has made it’s appearance. And, your little one has probably discovered his or her feet. And is there anything cuter than when they nibble those tiny little toes? While sitting up is the focus of the 6 month milestone session, these are also details that we will be sure to capture. Plan to schedule this photography session when your baby is sitting up for a few minutes at a time without assistance. 

      9 month session

      baby boy walking holding dad's hands

      This is the time when your little one may be pulling themselves up on furniture, standing while holding onto sturdy objects, crawling or even taking a few wobbling steps while holding your hands. These are the milestones that seem to vary the most from child to child. At 9 months some children are doing all of these.  And maybe even walking!  While other children (like both of my girls) won’t tackle these skills for a few more months. That is why I always recommend that my families wait until this time to decide of they want to include a 9 month milestone session in their first year plan. Just like the other sessions, we want to capture what is new in your child’s life. This may be pulling up, standing or crawling. Or this may be photographing him with that stuffed animal or toy that they won’t let out of sight. 

      12 month session

      baby girl minimalist cake smash with fresh flowers
      Even though she didn’t enjoy eating her cake, she sure loved smashing it.

      baby boy holding letters O N EThis is a celebration of your little one turning one! If you want to include a cake smash, this may also be the first time your little one tries a sweet treat. And the expressions from that are priceless.

      This is a time to document just how much your baby has grown and changed in one year. So this session seems to be the exception to the rule. You will want to schedule this baby photography session near when your child is turning one, even if there are no new milestones at that time. Our goal is to capture your baby and his or her personality as a one year old. We want to document how much your baby has changed in the first year. And as the years pass, you will love looking back to see how your baby looked as a one year old.

      Tip: Many families prefer to schedule this session around 11 months old. This way they have the pictures for the first birthday party. 

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      Hi there!
      I am looking to get 6 months photoshoot for my baby girl.
      We are located in Westminster, Colorado.

      Hi Divya,

      Unfortunately I am located in Ohio. If you need help finding a local photographer, feel free to e-mail me the details of what you are looking for in a session and I can see if I can help find someone in your area. Enjoy your sweet little girl.

      I wanted to inquire about the milestone photography for my 9 months old baby girl

      Hi Akshata,

      Thanks for reaching out! I’d love to talk more about what you had in mind. Feel free to email me at so we can chat.

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