minimalist cake smash

      Minimalist Cake Smash

      Fresh flowers and warm neutral tones created the perfect Minimalist Cake Smash for sweet Adeline’s cake smash. This birthday girl sure did enjoy smashing her cake, but was not the least bit interested in eating it. When we gave her a taste to get her started she actually shuttered! 

      cake smash

      Even though she didn’t enjoy eating her cake, she sure loved smashing it.

      cake for baby cake smash
      baby diving into cake smash cake
      aerial view of baby cake smash

      baby girl pushing her smash cake over

      She took one bite. And after deciding she didn’t like her cake, attempted to push it over. I love how determined she looks!

      happy baby with cake on face

      Even though she did not like her smash cake, she was still all smiles.

      baby tasting her cake

      Trying her smash cake one more time just to be sure.

      baby girl playing with smash cake

      baby girl and first birthday smash cake

      She finally managed to push her smash cake onto the ground.

      detail picture of baby girls feet covered in cake

      I just love cake smash details shots.

      cake covered baby toes detail photo

      And is there really anything better than messy icing covered baby toes?

      My style as a family photographer tends focus on the child or family rather than a lot of props. That is why I love the neutral tones of this minimalist cake smash so much. I’ve done a fair share of themed cake smashes from golf  to Monster’s Inc.  And even outdoor cake smashes.

      But I think I may have fallen in love with the simple and minimalist approach to cake smashes. I love how the simple background highlights her baby rolls, chubby cheeks and cake smashed between her toes.  The neutral tones allow all the attention to fall on her! And the fresh flowers add just a splash of soft color to the set. Don’t fresh flowers make EVERYTHING better?

      What do you think? Do you prefer simple and minimalist or an elaborate themed cake smash? Drop me your thoughts in the comments!




      Fresh Flowers: Dietz Florist in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

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