5 Favorite Valentine Activities for  Preschoolers

      Valentines Day seems to come at just the perfect time. Just when the hustle of the holidays are over and the winter blues start to set in, the fun and love filled Valentine’s Day brightens up February. As a former elementary school teacher and a mom, I love doing Valentine activities and crafts with little ones. And I thought you may enjoy trying out a few of our favorite Valentine activities with your preschooler too! 

      Heartprints by P.K. Hallinan

      I love all holidays! Just ask my husband. The house is forever decorated for what ever holiday is coming up. Big or small. But I love Valentine’s day because it is the perfect opportunity to talk to my children about kindness and loving others. When I was a teacher, I started the month off by reading Heartprints by P.K. Hallinan.

      This story describes the ways our actions make an impression on the hearts of others, leaving behind a heart-print. This always lead to a wonderful discussion. And at the end of the lesson I left out a stack of colorful hearts. Anytime someone left a print on their heart, they could fill one out with the person’s name and what they did to leave that heart-print. We then hung the hearts all around the room. As the month progressed, our room became beautifully decorated. But even more important, we were surrounded by love and positivity.

      Now, I still read this book with my own children. And we talk about the many ways we can leave heart-prints each and everyday. And each night, once they go to sleep, I leave a heart on their door with a note about the print they left on my heart that day. By the end of the month they have a covered door and full heart of their own.




      Heart Shaped Crayons

      I’m sure you know just how many boxes of crayons your little one can go through by the time February rolls around. Instead of tossing all the broken odds and ends, save them for a fun and kid friendly Valentine activity. Just follow the ‘recipe’ below.

      Valentine Activities for Preschoolers
      heart shaped crayons | Creative Valentine ideas | Non candy Valentine treats |Valentine Activities for Preschoolers


      1.Take the wrappers off your crayons. Soaking them in water first will help make that task easier.

      2. Grab a Heart Shaped Silicon Mat and fill each opening with leftover broken crayons. You may want to break them into smaller pieces if they are large.

      3. Place the silicon tray on a metal cookies tray so it is easy to take out of the oven. Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes. Or until the crayons are melted.

      4. Carefully remove them from the oven. You want to be careful not to shake them took much so the colors don’t blend into a solid colored crayon again.

      5. Once they are cool, remove them from the molds and you have fun multi-colored heart shaped crayons.

      I know my children loved making and drawing with these. As they get a little older, they would make fun and creative Valentines for their class. Just tuck a couple in a bag, tie closed with a ribbon, and add a tag with a creative saying such as ‘You melt my heart’ or ‘You color my world’.

      Heart Shaped Crayons by: One Little Project

      Decorating Cookies


      We started this tradition when my daughter was two years old. And she loved it! To keep this Valentine activity simple for toddlers, make a set of sugar cookies and a batch of icing (or grab a few cans!)  in advance. For older children, have them join in the fun of rolling and cutting out the cookies.

      You can see the full blog post of our last year’s cookie decorating session here.

      When you plan to decorate, divide the icing into 3 small bowl. Leave one white, and add red dye to the other bowls to make a pink and light red frosting. Pour various sprinkles and decorations into a small paint tray or plate to make it easy for little fingers. And then you are all set! Grab some little helpers and let the decorating begin! We has so much fun and Autumn couldn’t wait to give her cookies to Daddy when he got home. And I’m sure you could image how it made his Valentine’s Day to see his little girl running at him with a plate of cookies when he walked in the door.

      Images by Kristen Fotta Photography (formerly Tiny Tots Photography)

      The Recipe

      We still use the recipe I grew up on. But, we swap out dried egg whites for the raw eggs in the icing. It still tastes delicious and is much safer! Feel free to pin this image to your recipe Pinterest board!

      Valentine's Day with Little Ones
      Sugar cookie recipe

      Valentine Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers

      This Valentine Scavenger hunt is such a fun activity for the whole family. And it has to be one of my personal favorite Valentine Activities for Preschoolers. The clues are simple enough for your preschooler to figure out. And the hunt is short and sweet with only 6 clues and locations. Get as crafty as you want by decorating each handwritten card, or keep it simple by printing the already adorably designed premade cards here.


      Hand clue #1 to your children.

      We sit here together. It’s where we eat. The scavenger hunt starts now, so look under your seat.

      Clue #2 is taped under a seat at the dinner table.

      After dinner is dessert. And then you must wash up. The next clue can be found where you put your plate and your cup.

      Clue #3 Is tapped inside the dishwasher.

      Let’s play a game. And pick out a movie too. Where you watch your favorite shows (or insert the name of their favorite show) is where you’ll find your next clue.

      Clue #4 is taped by the TV.

      You can look for the next clue but you’re not sure where. Maybe go check where you’d find a plum or a pear.

      Clue #5 Is inside the fruit drawer of the refrigerator

      The clues are hard to find. Just keep following the path. You’ll find your next clue where you take a bath.

      Clue #6 is in the bath tub

      The day is winding down. You’re all snug as a bug. But to get your present you must give mom and dad a big hug.

      Final stop – hugging mom and dad. And getting a treat or present.

      And, the best part is the cards are already made! To grab a set of the cards, just swing by the Wundermom blog! Just print, cut and enjoy.

      Scavengar Hunt by Wunder-mom

      Making Snack Time or Breakfast Extra Special

      Valentine Activities for Preschoolers

      This last one isn’t exactly a Valentine Activities for Preschoolers. But I love it because I absolutely love making the ordinary special and magical for little ones. Surprise them and remind them just how loved they are with a little heart floating in their glass of milk. It’s so simple! (You just have to remember to make the heart shaped ice cubes the night before). And, you can use the heart shaped silicon mats that we used to make crayon hearts!

      1. Mix a red food coloring into a small glass of milk until it is deep pink or even red.
      2. Pour the milk into heart shaped silicon mat or ice cube trays.
      3. Freeze overnight.
      4. Place in a cold glass of milk just before serving.
      5. Wait for the oohs and ahhs from your little ones!

      If you try any of these Valentine Activities for Preschoolers, leave me a note in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you did!

      Want more ideas like these? Take a peak at my Pinterest board for more crafts, fun and ideas.


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