Valentine’s Day Photos


      Valentine's Day Photos
      Akron child photographer – Valentine’s Day photos
      Valentine's Day Photos
      1 year old Valentine’s Day photo
      Valentine's Day Photos
      Valentine’s Day photo
      Valentine's Day Photos
      giggles behind the scenes

      Happy¬† Valentine’s Day to you all! I hope you are enjoyed the day and felt loved! I know I sure did getting to spend the day with this little cutie capturing her Valentine’s Day photos. It is always an adventure photographing little toddlers. They are so energetic, curious and ready to explore, and this little fourteen month old was no exception.

      The first few minutes she sat and gently studied the roses. And then in typical toddler fashion, she decided to explore them further my banging them on the ground and laughing as she did ( oh, how this age makes me smile and giggle at all the silly things they do). She absolutely loved the little red ladder. Probably partly because it was just her size and partly because she loves to climb! Squealing with delight, she happily climbed up and down it, (with a spotter near by of course) and then would take off to go explore the room for a minute, before returning for another climb.

      When she tired of the ladder, we brought out a little foot stool to a child’s sized chair, and the results were the same. A new object to climb up on, over and sit on. The last picture has to be one of my favorites. It shows exactly how happy she was playing around, and shows what the behind the scenes to this session really looked like.

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      Roses: Joanne Fabrics

      Faux Fur rug: Hobby Lobby

      Hair bow: Gymboree


      What did you use as backdrop?

      Hi Krystyle,

      The backdrop is Savage seamless paper (I believe in Pecan). The hearts are a handmade cardboard banner that was hung against the backdrop. Hope that helps!