Peach, Blue and Denim family pictures
      Light and airy family pictures color scheme | Peach, blue and denim

      Peach, Blue and Denim Family Pictures

      I love helping families decide what to wear for family photos! If you are looking for outfits for spring family pictures, this peach, blue and denim color scheme is for you! One of the biggest challenges that families have is working patterns into their outfits. And understandably so. It is tricky. Too bold a pattern brings all the attention to one person. Too many people wearing a pattern can look busy. Placing just one person in a pattern can look off because they are the only one who is dressed differently.

      I usually recommend dressing your little ones in a patterned outfit. Then dad can select a button down in color found in that patterned outfit. Or mom can pull from those colors and find a dress she loves. There are three reasons I often start by dressing the children in a pattern.



      First, moms and dads are usually more comfortable in solid colors and tend to dress in more solids in day to day life. And we all look best when we wear something we are comfortable in.


      Second, children’s clothing is frequently found in prints and patterns. If feels right to see a little girl dressed in a bright floral dress because that is what we are used to seeing.


      And lastly, children are little. A  pattern on a child does not take up as much space in a portrait as it would on a parent. In a way this helps to balance your picture by drawing a little more attention to the smaller subjects. And the pattern doesn’t overwhelm the picture.


      Fashion tip: Prints and patterns grab our attention in photos. By dressing small children in prints it helps to highlight them and bring balance in photos with adults and parents. 

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